I BIODEEP Meeting (Short summary)

Pre-Project Meeting, Milano-Bicocca

January 19th - 23th 2001

The first BIODEEP meeting was organised in Milano at the Department of Geological Sciences and Geotechnologies of the Milano-Bicocca University.


Technology session

Participants: Corselli, Gasparoni, Calore, Gerber, Hoog

Short presentation of MODUS characteristics and previous operations; discussion on the needs of microbiologists and on tehnical points.


Technology session

Participants: Corselli, Gasparoni, Calore, Gerber, Hoog, Bloch

Discussion on the points of the first day, and new aspects (heave effect on MODUS, cable length, problem of the interface, sampling priorities.

Cruise-related logistic aspects

Need of two preliminary technical meeting of the technology group

Need of a meeting, to be fixed about one month before the Cruise (Urania), to define all the technical aspects and to schedule the different operations at sea.

Discussion on the abstract to be sent for CORDIS

Preparation of a brief presentation of MODUS/SCIPACK and all related aspects


Plenary session

Participants: Corselli, Giuliano, Gasparoni, Calore, Gerber, Hoog, De Lange, Thomson, Varnavas, Tselepidis, Brusa, Daffonchio, Bianchi, Tamburini, McGenity, Sass, Bolhuis, Bloch

The meeting started with a presentation of MODUS and SCIPACK

A discussion followed regarding all the aspects considered.

In the afternoon, a presentation of the existing published data of the chemical characteristics of the DHABs was made. This was followed by a discussion on how to simulate such environments, on the necessity of microbiologists to have samples of brines before the Cruise (Urania) in order to simulate the working conditions. Some proposals were then suggested on possible modifications of some instruments to be carried by SCIPACK, in order to obtain a better resolution and a minor contamination at the sea-water/brine interface.


The participants were soon divided in two groups, to better focus on the different aspects and related problems of the Project.

Parallel session A: biology and microbiology

Participants: Giuliano, Tselepidis, Brusa, Daffonchio, Brusetti, Bianchi, Tamburini, McGenity, Sass, Bolhuis

The aim of this meeting was to discuss the sampling strategy and the related problems as well as to better define the contract with the private partner (Proteus).

Parallel session B: geology and geochemistry

Participants: Corselli, De Lange, Thomson, Varnavas

The aim of this session was to define the sampling strategies to be used during the Urania Cruise and the splitting among the partners of the different samples collected. 

Plenary session

At the end of each separate session each point was reported in the plenary session.
The necessity of a rapid exchange among the partners of the already existing information and on the newly achieved ones was pointed out.
The possibility of performing a gravity core in one of the DHABs was proposed; a discussion followed on how to manage with the samples and on which kind of analyses to perform on them.
Some questions were enlightened on some technical aspects related to the operations at sea with different instruments (ensurance, CTD cable length and kind, filtration apparatus, number of N2 bottles allowed on-board and their location in the labs and in containers, number of tubes and control valves necessary, availability of plastic liners for sub-coring, and way of cleaning themů): these questions will be asked to the technical staff of R/V Urania and the answers will be sent to all the partners by e-mail, together with a map of the Urania labs.


Plenary session

Participants: Corselli, Giuliano, De Lange, Thomson, Tselepidis, Brusa, Daffonchio, Bianchi, Tamburini, McGenity, Sass, Bolhuis

In this last day of the meeting all the aspects related to the budget of each partner were discussed.
The next meeting was planned to be probably in Messina, but the date is still to be defined, and will be communicated to all partners in advance and discussed; it has to be done before the middle of August (i.e. before the beginning of the first Cruise: 17th August - 5th September 2001).

A final list concerning all the information to be put in the Web-site of the project was defined