III BIODEEP Meeting (Short summary)

Istituto Sperimentale Talassografico CNR Messina

June 24th - 26th 2001

Sunday, June 24 th (Afternoon)

► Arrival of all the people; approval of the meeting agenda

► General introduction by Prof. Corselli about the advancement of the Project

- Web-site implementation, in particular: logo and description of the groups involved, geological framework of the anoxic basins.

► Discussion on the press day event

► Report on the results of the first BIODEEP Cruise (Pelagia, 4-26 May 2001) by Prof. De Lange

► Scheduling of the Urania Cruise.

Monday, June 25 th (morning)

► Discussion on the PROTEUS contract

► Discussion about the informal e-mail message exchange among the partners


► Presentation by Dr. Gasparoni of the advances of the technology group

► Discussion on other possible adaptations of the technological instruments

► Discussion on the instruments for analyses that must be taken on-board and location on board

► List of people that will participate to the cruise

►Sampling strategies for the Urania Cruise.

► Problems of samples non-contamination. 

Tuesday, June 26 th (morning)

► Logistic aspects of the Urania Cruise

► Planning of the next meetings