VII Meeting Minutes


Monday 12 May 2003

Cesare - Approval of the agenda; introduction. 

Discussion on the Cruises, possible project extension and the future of Biodeep.
Description of the new CoNISMa R/V (video) and of the range of its possible exploitation

Targets of the June Cruise

Targets of the November Cruise

Time tables: old version and possible adaptations.

WP1 - Hans - Description of the new improvement to the MODUS-SCIPACK system: optical connector, thrusters, video-line; possible adaptation of other components.

WP2 - Andreas - Results of the analysis of water column and brines; suspended matter; sediment trap material; sediments and pore water.
Discussion: linking chemical characteristics of the brines with bacterial distribution in different intervals and different DHABs.

WP2 - John T.- Sediment accumulation rate (from 210Pb analysis) in cores from the 2002 Urania Cruise 

WP2 - Sotirios - Results of the analysis of sediments and suspended particulate matter in seawater and brines. 

WP2 - Elisa - Coccolith fluxes at depth above UB (1999-2000)

WP3 - Daniele - Microbial communities along the interface gradient; characterisation of the microbial community on basalt, rhyolite, nylon and sediment trap samples

WP3 - Andrea - Community structure fingerprinting: from water, brine, interface, sediments (AB, BB), sediment trap samples

WP3 - Peppe - Phylogenetical analysis of active DHABs bacteria

WP3 - Eleni - Meiofaunal and macrofaunal community structure in the DHABs and in adjacent oxic sediments (Urania 2001)


Tuesday 13 May 2003

WP3 - Paul - Evaluation of the microbial communities in the 4 DHABs

WP4 - Andrea - Cultivation experiments with oxic and anoxic media and identification of the isolates

WP5 - Andrea - Understanding of ecological relations between the microbial communities and the functioning of DHAB environments

WP4 - Sara - Isolates and identification of the isolates

WP5 - Sara - Screening of the isolates for selected metabolioc activities

WP4 - Peppe - Analysis of the isolates

WP5 - Danielle - Anaerobic activities; heterotrophic activity

WP5 - Vito - Ecological relations between microbial communities and the functioning of DHAB environments

WP6-WP7 - Vito - Screening of isolates for enzymatic activities; metagenomic expression libraries

WP4-WP5-WP6-WP7 - Fabienne - Isolation and characterisation of the isolates (2002)

WP7 - Gilles - Overview of transferred clones; molecular screening and Biodeep clone database


Needs for the management:

WP6 - Daniele - Genetic characterization of isolated microorganisms and of enzymes interesting for biotechnological application

WP7 - Sara - Screening and characterization of the new products with potential biotechnological application

WP8 - Cesare - Discussion on the management and scientific reports; cost statements to be received soon; papers to be prepared by the Consortium by integrating the results from the DHABs.

Peppe - A conceptual model summarizing the DHABs conditions

Discussion: possible themes for publication of integrated results (preliminary list, following discussion). Deadlines?


Wednesday 14 May 2003


Main targets of the November microbiological Cruise

The discussion resulted in a table of sampling (minimum requirement + other possible sub-priorities)

Logistic aspects of the Cruises:
List of people on-board from the different institutes/groups
People on the June Cruise

Discussion on the integration of geochemical and microbiological results:

What are the main data that the microbiologists need from the geochemists?
Which of these parameters can be measured on preserved samples (i.e. from the November Cruise)?
Details of sample preservation have to be provided by the geochemists.

Discussion on the future of Biodeep