VIII Meeting Minutes and Presentations by partners
following presentation order


Monday 13 October 2003


Approval of the Agenda. Some changes are made to the planned agenda, due to some flight delays. Some presentations foreseen for he first day are postponed to the second day. New agenda.

Communications by the coordinator (Cesare)

Elisa - Report on the June-July Mare Oceano Cruise

Discussion: Plans for the November Cruise: which are the priorities?

List of people that will be on board (Laura); a geochemist on board?

List of material to be brought on board: what and how to organise the transport (Elisa + accommodation of people)

Discussion on sampling priorities: review of the table prepared at the Heraklion meeting Still to be discussed during the last day of the meeting.

Nikos - Macrobenthic activity in the DHABs: comments and perspectives


Daniele - Microbial diversity in extreme gradients.

Sara - Studies on DHABs biological evolution.


Tuesday 14 October 2003

Sotirios - Results of chemical analyses on cores from different DHABs

Andreas - Results on chemical analyses on sediment traps

Gert - results on sediments

Paul - draft of the paper

Danielle - Microbial metabolic activities

Manolo - Screening of a metagenome library from an oil enrichment of UB brine.

Gilles - Results of screening of stranis and genomic libraries

Terry - Proposal for a common paper

Peppe - Media used for isolation ig range of taxa; which media were suitable for specific phylogenetic groups.

Peppe - Strain database

Discussion on integrated publications


Wednesday 15 October 2003

Francesco - Present status of Modus

Discussion on the cruise

Things to do in the near future:
Packing list (to Elisa and Laura)
Participants (to Laura)
Letter to Fragakis for project extension (Cesare)
Logistics in Milazzo (to be circulated by Elisa)
Next meeting: in Milano; dates will be communicated
Management: to be done within next week
Table of sampling re-discussed

End of the meeting