IX Meeting Minutes and Presentations by partners
following presentation order


Monday 17 May 2004


Approval of the Agenda. Some changes are made to the planned agenda, to include presentations from all partners and to allow discussion.

Communications by the coordinator (Cesare)

Micha - Report on presentation made by Laura in Galway this May


Daniele - New version of the paper: new data, new figures and strategies.



Sotirios - Results from geochemical analyses on cores AB07MC (UB) and AB05MC (BB).

Andreas - Results from geochemical analyses on sediment traps and sediment trap efficiency.

Jonh - Results from analysis of radiotracers of fluxes.

Sara - Biological adaptations to the DHABs


Gert - Results from geochemical analyses on the brines and focus on interface (BB)

Peppe - 16S rRNA distribution at family level


Tuesday 18 May 2004

Cesare - discussion

Peter - Isolation from oil enrichment, analysis of isolates and of expression libraries

Danielle - Bacterial activity

Christian - Microbial metabolic activities


Terry - Strain database, and work on isolates

Henk - Sulfate reducing prokariotes

Nikos - Meiofauna from the DHABs and nearby

Fabrice - Screening of isolates and clones

Hans - Technological development: outcomes and conclusions.


Discussion: exploitation of the results, agreement on publications, reminder on the reports (final scientific r., management r., cost statement, TIP), the future of Biodeep Consortium

End of the meeting