I Meeting (pre-Project) Milano
January 19-23 2001
Photo (Milano-Bicocca)
II Meeting (Technology) Berlin
March 12-13 2001
III Meeting Messina
June 24-26 2001
Photo (Istituto Talassografico)
IV Meeting S. Margherita Ligure
November 4-6 2001
Photo (CoNISMa House and Meeting room)
V Meeting Marseille
April 13-15 2002
VI Meeting Taormina
October 30-31 2002
 Photo (group)
VII Meeting Heraklion
May 12-14 2003
 Photo (group)
VIII Meeting Venezia
October 13-15 2003
IX Meeting Milano
May 17-18 2004






           BIODEEP Press release by PROTEUS


           Presentations at National and International Conferences:

International Conference on Halophilic Microorganisms - September 23-27 2001, Sevilla. Spain BIOtechnologies from the DEEP - BIODEEP Consortium (PDF File - 615 KB)
Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) - May 2002, Houston, USA MODUS - a Space Shuttle for Deepwater Interventions - G. Clauss, S. Hoog, H. Gerber, F. Gasparoni, D. Calore (PDF File - 197 KB)
Annual meeting of the German microbiologist association, VAAM - March 24-27 2002, Goettingen. Germany Comparison of microbial diversity in four deep-sea anoxic hypersaline basins - A.M. Sass, T. McGenity, K.N. Timmis (PDF File - 62KB)
"Cortona procarioti" - April 4-5 2002, Cortona (AR). Italy Eubacteria e Archaea nei bacini anossici ipersalini profondi del Mediterraneo orientale - S. Borin
ISOPE 2002 (International Symposium for Ocean and Polar Engineering) - May 2002, KitaKyushu, Japan MODUS - Remotely Operated Carrier for Abyssal Research - Experiences in the Mediterranean Sea - Gerber H., Clauss G., Hoog S. (PDF File - 80KB)
IMAM 2002May 2002, Crete, Greece MODUS for Deepwater Interventions - 4000 m w.d. - from Design to Scientific Application - Clauss G., Hoog S., Gerber H. (PDF File - 396KB)
7th Symposium on Bacterial Genetics and Ecology, BAGECO7 - June 15-19 2002 Microbial communities in the deep hypersaline anoxic basins of the eastern Mediterranean Sea - S. Borin, T. Brusa, A. Favini, E. Malinverno, C. corselli, D. Daffonchio (PDF File - 47 KB)
INMARTECH 2002 - October 7 - 11 2002, at JAMSTEC Headquarters - 2-15 Natsushimacho, Yokosuka 237-0061 Japan Abyssal Operation in the Inner Space for Geophysical Observatories and Biotechnology - MODUS for the European Research Projects GEOSTAR, BIODEEP and others - Gerber, H. (PDF File - 66KB)
Second International Conference on "Oceanography of the Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea" - October 14-18 2002, Ankara. Turkey. Evolution of environmental conditions in eastern Mediterranean anoxic basins - S.P. Varnavas, C. Corselli, D. Panagiotaras, E. Malinverno, G.J. de Lange, J. Thomson, A. Tselepidis (PDF File - 57 KB)
8th Symposium on Aquatic Microbial Ecology, SAME8 - October 25-31 2002, Taormina (ME). Italy Diversity of cultivable aerobic microflora in four deep anoxic hypersaline basins in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea - T. Brusa, A. Favini, S. Borin, D. Daffonchio, C. Corselli, and BIODEEP Scientific Team (PDF File - 64KB)

Bacterial communities in the seawater-brine chemocline in deep anoxic hypersaline basins in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea - S. Borin, D. Daffonchio, T. Brusa, F. Gasparoni, D. Calore, C. Corselli, and BIODEEP Scientific Team (PDF File - 57KB)

Bacterial and archaeal communities of the brine/seawater interfaces in four different brine lakes of the Mediterranean Sea - P.W.J.J. van der Wielen, J.K. Brons, and H. Bolkhuis (PDF File - 33KB)

Are the microbial populations of the deep anoxic hypersaline basins of Eastern Mediterranean adapted to ambient pressure conditions? - C. Tamburini, J. Garcin and A. Bianchi (PDF File - 66KB)

Bacterial methane-production and sulfate-reduction activities in four Mediterranean Deep Hypersaline Anoxic Basins (DHABs) - D. Marty (PDF File - 59KB)

Schiffbautechnischen Gesellschaft (STG) - November 20-22, 2002, Hamburg. Germany. MODUS - A Heavy Load ROV for Deployment and Recovery of Deepwater Laboratories - Clauss G., Hoog S and Gerber H. (PDF file - 143KB)
III National Italian Conference of Marine Sciences: Extreme Environments and Transitional Areas - November 27-29 2002, Bari. Italy Microbial communities in the water column of the Urania Basin (Eastern Mediterranean Sea) - S. Borin, T. Brusa, A. Favini, C. Corselli, G. D'Auria, M. Yakimov, L. Giuliano, T.J. McGenity, A. Sass, C. Tamburini, and D. Daffonchio (PDF File - 64KB)

Life in extreme conditions: hyperhaline anoxic basins of the Mediterranean Sea - L- Giuliano and BIODEEP Consortium

Cultivation of bacteria from deep hypersaline anoxic basins of the eastern Mediterranean - G. d'Auria, S. Cappello, M.M. Yakimov, H. Bolhuis, P.W. van der Wielen, A. Sass, T. McGenity, D. Daffonchio, T. Brusa, A. Favini, S. Borin, S. Scarfì, L. Giuliano

Annual meeting of the German microbiologist association, VAAM - March 23-26 2003, Berlin, Germany Novel microorganisms from deep-sea hypersaline anoxic basins of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea - Andrea M. Sass, Boyd McKew, Kenneth N. Timmis, Terry J. McGenity (PDF File - 69KB)
EGS-AUG-EGU Joint Assembly - April 6-11 2003, Nice (France) Coccolith fluxes in the eastern Mediterranean in the present and in the recent past - E. Malinverno, C. Corselli, P. Ziveri, G.J. de Lange (PDF File - 11KB)
2003 spring meeting of the Dutch Society for Microbiology - April 15 -16 2003, Arnhem, The Netherlands Novel Archaeal and Bacterial Divisions from Mediterranean Deep Hypersaline Anoxic Basins - P.W.J.J. van der Wielen, J. K. Brons and H. Bolhuis (PDF File - 63KB)
7th Hellenic Symposium on Oceanography & Fisheries - May 6-9 2003, Hersonissos, Crete, Greece. Meiobenthos community structure in the Deep Hypersaline Anoxic Basins in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Comparison of the foraminiferal and the metazoan assemblages within and outside the anoxic brines - E. Hatziyanni, N. Lampadariou & A. Tselepides (PDF file - 74KB)
CIESM Workshop on Gaps in Mediterranean Deep Sea Biology -  July 2-5 2003, Heraklion, Crete, Greece Community structure of meiofauna and macrofauna in Mediterranean Deep-Hyper-saline Anoxic Basins (DHAB's) - N. Lampadariou*, E. Hatziyanni, and A. Tselepides (PDF file - 121KB)