BioDeep and the anoxic basins of the Eastern Mediterranean

  Several anoxic basins were discovered in the eastern Mediterranean since 1983 (discovery of Tyro Basin).

Within BioDEEP, we focused on:

a) the anoxic basins of the Inner Plateau, namely: L'Atalante, Urania, Discovery

b) Bannock basin

a) The Anoxic Basins of the Inner Plateau
(map from Medriff Consortium, 1995)
  b) Bannock Basin
(map from Camerlenghi, 1991)


  During Biodeep cruises, a detailed mapping of the basins was performed, focusing in particular on the margins, where the brine surface impinges the bottom. The new bathymetric map of the Urania Basin margins is shown here (the area filled with brines is in gray), along with the video images obtained during the survey and sampling operations at different sites.

Movie 1
Movie 1 - A portion of the western margin of the Urania beach.
SW: normal bottom, NE: brines

Movie 2
Movie 2 - SCIPACK sampler as seen from a camera mounted on MODUS above, when approaching the DHAL surface, entering the brines and coming out: the sampler disappears from view below the interface, due to light transmittance changes caused by the different refraction indexes between seawater and the brines  

Movie 3
Movie 3 - SCIPACK sampler approaching the DHAL surface and entering the interface, as seen from a camera mounted on SCIPACK itself  

Movie 4
(131 Mb)
Movie 4 - Close-up view of SCIPACK sampler from the high-resolution camera mounted on Modus, during sampling at the Discovery basin interface